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Mr Sanchos Beach Club Cozumel

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  1. Mr Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass

    ONLY 49.95!! with a 4.95 deposit to reserve Mr Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass Adult with Beach Tours Mexico . We are Mr Sancho's Cozumel official partner since 2009

    Enjoy a relaxing day in the Cozumel Beach and experience the services of the best beach club in Cozumel : Mr Sanchos

    Mr Sanchos day pass is the premier all inclusive package in the beautiful Island of Cozumel, at only 15 minutes from the pier, you can arrive and within 15 minutes you will be enjoying the fantastic attractions in this wonderful Beach Club.

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  2. Mr Sanchos Beach Club Cozumel VIP Cabana Day Pass for 2


    February: 12th,18th, 20th

    March: 3rd.

    Mr Sanchos, in addition to the All Inclusive day pass, has a VIP pass that adds a beautiful Cabana to your All Inclusive Day Pass  along a massage and a dedicated server staff.

    This day pass  is not only for couples, you can also bring your kids to the same Cabana with you. This is how you do it:

    Book the  Cabana  for 2 and then book the Mr Sanchos All Inclusive for kids ( YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE CABANA DAY PASS for your  kids. or for extra adult guests (Massage not included if Adults book all Inclusive only)

    Enjoy your day inside of a bed protected by courtains at  Mr Sanchos.


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  3. Mr Sanchos Cozumel Beach Club Water Park Adventure

    Mr Sanchos Cozumel  has a beautiful waterpark that has just been renovated to complement the beautiful  Beach Club.  It is mainly oriented to families with  kids,  but can also provide tons of fun for  Adults.  It is the perfect complement for our famous  Mr Sanchos all Inclusive Day Pass

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    Tour Price: $12.00
    Reserve with only: $2.00
  4. Mr Sanchos Cozumel Fish Spa

    • Let our Doctor Fish exfoliate your feet and hands in the most pleasant way possible.
    • A completely organic pedicure/manicure
    • Experience a micro massage as your feet/hands become  soft and smooth
    • Our fish will relax you, increase your blood circulation and rejuvenate your skin
    • The water is 100% UV  sterilized every 8 minutes as it passes through a 6 step filtration system. Completely safe and sanitized,

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    Tour Price: $30.00
    Reserve with only: $5.00
  5. Mr Sanchos Cozumel Horseback Riding

    There is nothing that compares riding a horse in the Caribbean.

    Our horses are trained and we make sure they are saddled correctly for your safety and enjoyment

    After your 30 mins ride, keep enjoying the best Beach Club in CozumelMr. Sancho's Beach Club in Cozumel!

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    Tour Price: $30.00
    Reserve with only: $5.00
  6. Mr Sanchos Cozumel Waverunner Adventure

    Best Waverunner ride in Cozumel

    Enjoy the best jetski tour in Cozumel. If you decide to spend your day in Cozumel at Mr Sanchos,  this is one of the best tours of the Cozumel Island. Emotions are expected when you ride Mr Sanchos' state of the art SeaDoo 750cc. RIde along the coast and take your adrenaline levels to the max

    Entrance to Mr. Sanchos Pay as You Go section is included, but if you want to enjoy the full All Inclusive Experience, then you can book our Mr. Sancho's Cozumel All Inclusive Pass. It is by far the best Day Pass in the Cozumel Island, created mainly for Cruise Travellers looking to enjoy their day in Cozumel.


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    Tour Price: $72.00
    Reserve with only: $5.00
  7. Mr Sanchos Cozumel Create your Own Adventure

    You don't need to leave the premises to enjoy your day at Cozumel. Once there, you will find a veriety of options to enjoy your day, starting with our 2 Flagship experiences:

    Mr. Sancho's All Inclusive Day Pass: An all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink experience,

    Mr Sancho's Romantic Day in the Beach for 2. Everything from the Mr. Sanchos All Inclusive Pass  + A Cabana + A Massage for 2.

    In Addition,  You will find here, the only place where a FIsh Spa is available in the Island.

    Or you can choose from our list of activities such as: Wave Runners, Parasailing, Horseback Riding, ATV tours, Massages, Snorkel, Kayak, Scuba Dive, Shopping and much more activities. Our exclusive facilities, the beach activities and the best of the Caribbean nature are together in one place: Mr. Sancho´s Beach Club

    Select from our list of Activities and Create your own adventure in Mr. Sancho's Cozumel!!

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  8. Mr. Sancho's Cozumel ATV Adventure

    Mr Sanchos ATV fleet is ready to take you to the tropical Cozumel beach jungle through rocky roads and white sand of our Caribbean beaches. You will experience the thrill of driving an ATV 650cc touring the Cozumel Beach jungle at Mr Sanchos  moving faster ahead while admiring Cozumel natural wonders and amazing turquoise sea.

    Let adrenaline flow throughout your body in this unique Cozumel Tour. At the end of the Mr Sanchos Cozumel Shore Excursion, wind down and enjoy Mr Sanchos facilities, Cozumel Beaches, food and delicious cocktails.

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